5 Easy Steps To Create Your Ruby Engagement Ring

Don’t know how to take the plunge? Relax and pore over these steps!

First, Let’s Set The Seal On The Centerstone

An intense red ruby with a deep tone and vivid saturation is a cut above the rest!

If You’re On A Tight Budget

Better to opt for a very good or good quality ruby centerstone if you can’t splurge

Pick A Clarity Grade

A ruby with VS (very small inclusions) is your best bet!

Of Course, You Can Hide The Inclusions!

The bezel and prong settings will work wonders in hiding the inclusions of your VS ruby centerstone

Choose A Suitable, Sparkling Metal

Being a hypoallergenic metal, platinum is a great choice!

Need Some Inspiration?

Well, our fascinating assortment of ruby engagement rings will leave you spellbound. Go take a look now!