Glamorous Jewelry: The Stunning World of Alexandrite Gemstone

A Captivating Rarity

Alexandrite is the color-shifting birthstone of June which was found abundantly in Russia in the early 19th Century but the mines stand depleted now.

The Magic of Alexandrite

Alexandrite, through its color changing property can give a magical touch to your entire wardrobe by complementing green and red colors.

Alexandrite: A Gem Fit For Royalty

The name of the gem was given in the honor of the then Tsar Alexander II. The green & red colors of the gem also matched the uniform color of the Russian Imperial Army.

Nature's Masterpiece

Chromium and Iron present in trace quantities in the mineral Chrysoberyl interact with light differently, making the gemstone a true marvel of nature.

The Allure of Chameleon-like Hues

Top quality alexandrites exude pure green to bluish green in daylight and pure red to purplish red in incandescent light.

A Celebratory Gemstone

Your alexandrite jewel can give stars to any celebration whether it’s your wedding anniversary, engagement, birthday or graduation.

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