Americans Honoring 14th June: The US Flag Day

Celebrate Flag Day on June 14th, honoring the US flag's adoption with parades, ceremonies, and patriotic events nationwide.

Celebrating 246 Glorious Years In History

14th June is officially commemorated as the “Flag Day” throughout the USA to honor the US flag adoption and resolution on 14th June 1777, though being celebrated since 1916 under the proclamation issued by then president Woodrow Wilson.

National Security at its Peak: 248th US Army Day

14th June is also remembered as the day when in 1775, 248 years ago, the foundation for the US Army was laid down

Acknowledging Our Pride in the “The Stars And Stripes”

Out of our hectic dual lives, it's the day to catch hold of our breath and take some pride in our national flag we might forget to salute each day

An Emblem of Democratic Constitution: A Big Bow to the “Old Glory”

Symbolic of liberal choices and fairness against communalism, the US flag preaches humility and peace in turbulent times

What if it's not a Federal Holiday?

“The Star-Spangled Banner” might not call for a federal holiday officially but that doesn’t undermine the sentiments of nationalism swirling in our hearts for our prideful flag

For country-devoted enthusiasts, there’s a wide spectrum of bracelets, rings, neckpieces, and earrings influenced by the mighty US Flag circulating the local markets

For Patriotic Souls With Ornamental Hearts

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