Blood Diamonds On Radar

A glance at a diamond variety mined from the sweat and blood of the poor and torn

Ever Heard of “Blood Diamond”?

Blood diamonds, aka conflict diamonds, are sourced unethically. mostly from war zones through illegal trading by organized crime members for black marketing

“Blood Diamond”: How Different In Appearance?

They look exactly similar to the conflict-free or ethically mined diamonds, so there’s no bargain on what they look like but rather how they are mined

“Blood Diamonds” Vs. “Conflict-Free Diamonds”

The diamonds with ethical origins confirmed through legal paperwork are “Conflict-free” while those unethically claimed are termed “Blood Diamonds”

Why “Blood Diamonds” Are Condemned?

They lead to violent terror attacks in poor and war-stricken regions where local vendors are either robbed of their mined diamonds or are forced to mine them under unhealthy working conditions or for extremely poor wages

How To Discourage the “Blood Diamond” Trade?

Being a jewelry vendor, you can avoid buying diamonds from areas dealing in conflicting diamonds along with making sure that the miners you deal with are following ethical mining procedures for extracting diamonds

Kimberley Process: A Strong Initiative By World Diamond Congress

Since 2000, Kimberley Process is a worldwide certification procedure that guarantees a diamond is conflict-free and ethically mined

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