Cher: The Age-defying Pop Wonder

Goddess of Pop

The now 77-year-old songbird owns 25+ solo studio albums, 100+ singles and numerous accolades to her name.

Picturesque Moments

Loaded with bling from head to toe, these stills are when Cher dolled up like a princess for her live stage shows.

Celebratory Retro Looks

We didn’t know such partial see-through dresses were all the rage back then. Just see how effortlessly Cher pulled them off.

Iconic Contemporary Looks

The “Dark Lady” songstress knows very well how to slay in black and leave us awestruck in the 21st century as well.

Vintage Jewelry Highlights

Some OMG jewels that the “Half-Breed” soloist once flaunted: from dazzling head accessories to flashing statement earrings.

Modern Age Bling

And the gemstone saga continues for the “If I Could Turn Back Time” vocalist till date.

Style like Cher

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