Curating Your Favored July Birthstones

Welcoming July Borns In The World Of Birthstones

The July borns fall under the Leo and Cancer zodiac symbols offering varied birthstones for both the sun signs suitable for the July folks.

Scarlet Ruby At Its Prime: Cancerian Pick

This priceless gem is best to enhance the positive energy and boost the confidence of the wearer along with intensifying the feelings of love and ensuring vitality.

Dark Onyx Alike Starry Nightsky: Leo Thing

These multi-colored gems could heal kidney and heart-related ailments, relieve stress, sharpen eyesight, and improve one’s sleeping patterns while promoting spirituality.

Painted Red Hues of Sardonyx: Leo Stone

This cherry-textured gem is the interpretation of clarity in communication. It makes the wearer courageous, imparts happiness in life, and ensures stability in marital & business relationships.

Royal Hues of Sapphire: Cancerian Gemstone

Rainbow-picked tints of sapphire, except for rosy rubies, are the reservoirs of good luck, positivity, and abundant spirituality, resting the mind and soul of the July wearers.

Cherry-Coffee Shades of Carnelian Red

Carnelian is the epitome of passion & love and is recommended to treat infertility and menstrual-related issues in addition to assisting in blood purification in July folks.

Other Stunning Alternatives For Cancerians & Leos

Moonstone, Pearl, Diamond, Tourmaline, and Emerald are other precious birthstones the Leos and Cancerians born in July can seek for.

Shop Your Favored July Birthstone At GemsNY

We, at GemsNY, welcome all the July-born comrades to pick their wishful birthstone for the seventh month and stay blessed.