Distinguishing Between Lab-Cultured Diamonds & Simulant Diamonds

The stunning shine out of the pitch-dark carbon mines gives origin to the natural diamond species which is one of the rarest and most expensive gems on the earth

Exploring Brilliance Under the Dark: Natural Diamonds

Imitating Artificial Brilliance: Diamond Simulants

They are lab-created look-alikes of diamonds but with a different physical & chemical composition and visual appeal, thus sold at very low prices

Expanding the Rarest Range: Lab-Grown Diamonds

These lab-created versions carry the exact physical, chemical, and visual characteristics of the naturally mined diamonds & hence are comparatively affordable

Distinction 1: Composition

While the simulants have different physical and chemical properties, the lab-cultured diamonds share exact mineral composition with their natural counterparts

Distinction 2: Optical Properties

Diamond simulants, like moissanite, zircon, etc. are doubly refractive and exceptionally sparkling as against the lab-grown diamonds which are singly refractive & relatively less brilliant

Diamond Simulants are quite affordable and hence preferable by many  in relation to comparatively costlier lab-cultured diamonds

Distinction 3: Cost

Lab-created diamonds have similar physical traits as the natural diamonds hence they are many times more durable than diamond simulants

Distinction 4: Durability

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