US States With The Highest Spending on Engagement Rings

New data reveals the top spenders…

Bay State Bling

Massachusetts residents are all about history, baseball, and bling—$10,817 per ring, double the national average!

The Charm of New Mexico's Ring Culture

New Mexico dazzles with a $7,074 average spend on engagement rings. Love stories here shine like our vibrant landscapes.

Oklahoma's Love Story in Every Carat

Yeehaw!  Love in Oklahoma shines bright with $7,000 engagement rings, blending tradition with cowboy charm under endless skies.

Arkansas' Gemstone Romance

In the heartland of America, Arkansas boasts an average spend of $6,881 on engagement rings.

Texas' Lone Star Love Tokens

Everything's bigger, including their love for rings—Texans spend an average $6,846, making every proposal shine bright.

Indiana's Heartland Commitment

Indiana sparkles with $6,367 spent per ring—where every proposal adds a new chapter to love's timeless tale.

California's Golden Engagement Stories

Where love meets luxury: Californians drop $5,955 per ring. Each sparkler reflects our sunny beaches and city vibes.

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