Tune Into Conflict-Free & Ethical Diamonds

A guide on how to select conflict-free and ethical diamonds is on the way…

Introduction to Conflict-Free Diamonds

“Conflict-Free diamonds” are those which have not been sourced from poor and war-torn regions by inflicting forced human labor or by stealing from local vendors.

Get To Know Ethical Diamonds

“Ethical diamonds” are those which are mined in safe working and environmental conditions without abusing human rights in terms of ensuring their well-being and providing fair wages.

Are Conflict-Free & Ethical Diamonds Same?

Conflict-free diamonds often come into the broader category of ethical diamonds. They are often replaceable, though both have different meanings.

How To Ensure Conflict-Free Diamond Purchase?

Look for Kimberley Certified Diamonds before finalizing your deal since they can guarantee a conflict-free diamond extraction process from mining to rough sorting.

Does Kimberley Process Guarantee Ethical Diamond Mining?

Absolutely not, Kimberley Process does not guarantee ethical diamond mining. It has only restricted marketing of conflict diamonds due to which most of the diamonds currently being sold are conflict-free.

Blockchain For Tracing Ethical Diamond Mining

Blockchain verification comes in handy in the gemstone industry as well by creating a chain of blocks of ethical diamond supply chain components right from the mines to the market.

How About Artificial Diamonds or Recycled Diamonds?

Go for lab-grown diamonds since they are not naturally extracted. Alternatively, consider investing in cheaper recycled or previously-worn diamonds, since they do not count for a natural diamond purchase.

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