Exploring Camouflaging Hues of Sapphires

Color-changing sapphires are a light-sensitive variety of sapphires that can showcase more than one color under different sources of light

Nature of Color-Changing Sapphires

Experiencing Hues of Color-Changing Sapphires in Daylight

When placed under fluorescent light or daylight, a color-changing sapphire may change its base color from blue to violet

Experiencing Hues of Color-Changing Sapphires in Artificial Light

When placed under incandescent light such as candlelight or electric bulb light, the violet color changes to reddish-purple

Wondering What Causes This Phenomenon?

This color-shifting is visibly possible due to the presence of trace elements vanadium and chromium in the corundum mineral sapphires are primarily made up of

What are the Pricing Factors?

Such stones may command heavy prices for their high multiple-color intensity and strong ability to shift colors under different illuminations

Where are Color-Changing Sapphires Mined?

They are primarily mined in countries such USA (Montana), Madagascar, Thailand, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka

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