Famous Aquamarines Of The World

If you like taking a deep dive into the fresh watery hues of aquamarines, you’ll love these world-famous stunners

The Dom Pedro

Resembling an elongated obelisk, the Dom Pedro is the world’s largest cut aquamarine, measuring 14 inches in length and 4 inches in width

The Roosevelt Aquamarine

Gifted to the then US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Roosevelt aquamarine is the second largest aquamarine after the Dom Pedro

Princess Diana’s Aquamarine Ring

Featuring an emerald-cut, pale blue aquamarine gem, Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring is an irresistible stunner

Queen Elizabeth’s Aquamarine Parure

Queen Elizabeth’s set of aquamarine necklace and earrings that she received as a coronation gift stands out like nothing else does

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