George Clooney & His Refined Fashion

Here’s the thing about Clooney: he takes quiet luxury seriously

The Bow Tie Effect?

Imagine wearing a basic bow tie and Julia Roberts drooling over you

Layering Game On Point

A luxe navy-blue coat: that’s classic George Clooney!

A Gray Suit

Perhaps his favorite neutral color

‘Unique’ Pant Style

Bringing his oh-so stud-like appeal to dad jeans

Winning Like A Pro

Black has always been the new black for the Oscar winner!

A Cute Attempt

Doing his best to harmonize the look with his yellow tie and pocket square

True Debonair

Now that’s peak fashion for Clooney!

Tailored Look

Double-O-Seven reporting for duty, ma’am

Like Clooney’s Dressing Sense?

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