Heart-Pounding June Birthstones

Marked By Astrology: My Love for Birthstones

Cultivating an aura of positivism, the birthstones are good luck charms or blessings for well-being and prosperity for those born in any of the 12 months of the year.

Are You a June-Born?

The scented spring and the dazzling sunshine is God-gifted to the June borns like their dazzling birthstones: the pristine pearls, vintage moonstones, and camouflaging alexandrite.

On the List: Traditional Pearl, Modern Alexandrite & Moonstone

While the pale white, round beads have been recognized traditionally as June Birthstone, the rare alexandrites have made it to the modern list of birthstones.

Classic and Bright as Moon: Moonstone

Transparent stones with bluish shades, these mystical gems come in orange, green, and brown color and are mined in Sri Lanka, India, the United States, Madagascar, and Australia.

Tales of Spotless and Priceless Pearls

Unlike mined gems, pearls are naturally grown tissues of molluscs in the sea, making the natural ones rarely found. To supplement this, cultured pearl farms are functional worldwide.

Blushing with Greenish-Reddish Alexandrite

This one of its kind color-changing jewel is one of the rarest gems on the Earth, with the finest ones possessing excellent camouflaging properties and eye-catchy hues.

Pearls Revisited: Significance in Astrology

The white pearls are synonymous with good fortune, wisdom, and healing capabilities and were worshipped as precious celestial teardrops transcending from heaven as per some mythological beliefs.

Moonstones Unveiled: Astrological Symbolism

As the name goes, the stone is associated with the lunar gods of Greek mythology, while Hinduism takes it for the residue of the moonlight beams, symbolizing fertility and passion for love.

Alexandrites Redefined: Astrological Relevance

The alexandrites are favored for offering good luck, prosperity, creativity, love, and spiritual awakening. Its color-changing traits preach lessons for flexibility.

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