Katy Perry: The “Queen of Camp”

Let’s feel the voice behind “I Kissed a Girl”...

Early Successful Ventures

Several singles from “One of the Boys”, “Teenage Dream” and “Prism” reached No.1 spots in US, establishing Perry as a Record-Breaking artist

Call for Burning Issues

While Perry’s “Prism” focused on self-empowerment, “Witness” touched feminism and “Smile” centered around the singer’s psychological state and motherhood embrace

Shining Trophies on the Shelves

Perry has already taken home Billboard Music Awards, Brit Award, American Music Awards, Juno Award and a Billboard Spotlight Award

Massive #Followers

Among Glitteratis, Perry rules the world with a whooping 200M+ fandom on Instagram and 100M+ twitteratis following her, which is mind boggling!!!

Perry’s Earring Glam

From donning eccentric statement earrings to sporting mismatched pairs and daring danglers, Perry never fails to hit the spot

Classy Neckline Adornments

Perry slays even when styling timeless aesthetic necklaces so much that we can’t take our eyes off!!!

Effortless Fashion Entourage

Only a few can bejewel hearts even without adorning jewels…learn the art from Perry!!!

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