Kelsea Ballerini: From Music to Fashion

Ballerini’s Album Diaries

“The First Time” in 2015, “Unapologetically” in 2017, “Kelsea” & its counterpart “Ballerini” in 2020 and “Subject to Change” in 2022.

Award Checklist

The 4 times Grammy nominee. “Dibs” singer has already taken home two CMT (Country Music Association) Awards, the Gene Weed Milestone Award, the Rising Star Award & others.

Best Wardrobe Moments

The “Love Me Like You Mean It” songbird surely has an envious fashion sense. Everytime she dolls up like a fairy like never before.

Bejeweled Beauty

What the “Peter Pan” songstress failed to style - embellished chokers, statement earrings or layered necklaces?

Being Lovey Dovey

Ballerini has been romancing actor Chase Stokes for a while now and their chemistry is on fire!!!

Ballerini’s Take on CMT Awards 2024…

“It’s my final year, yeah…I will never say that I won’t come do this again. I love it. I just am excited to see what else I can do.”

Shake it Like Ballerini

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