Lady Gaga’s Dazzling Journey Through Jeweled Moments

A glittering chronicle of glamor and diamonds.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Glamor

Gaga slayed the Golden Globes '16 with Monroe vibes, rocking white diamonds and snagging Best Performance. Groovy, right?

A Heartfelt Proposal

Gaga's heart skipped a beat as Taylor Kinney popped the question with a sparkling 6-8 carat heart-shaped diamond. Romance ignited!

A Golden Glow at the Globes

Gaga rocked the 2019 Golden Globes in 300 diamonds, oozing princess vibes with killer stud earrings. Total red carpet royalty!

Ruby Red Glamor in "House of Gucci"

Gaga's ruby & diamond set from "House of Gucci" wowed everyone with its 11 rubies & 77 diamonds.

Monochrome Majesty

Gaga flips the script at Toronto Film Fest with killer black fit, topped with killer “Gardens of Kalahari” earrings. Total boss move!

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Sequined Splendor at the Premiere

Gaga slays at the LA "House of Gucci" premiere, dripping in diamonds that outshine even her sequined Valentino glam.

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