Lewis Hamilton: From F1 Glory to Diamond Story

Zooming from race tracks to red carpets, discover Lewis Hamilton's high-octane journey into dazzling diamonds!

Hamilton Switches Lanes

Big news! Lewis Hamilton's leaving silver arrows (Mercedes) for Ferrari's roar—shaking up the racing world!

From Pit Stops to Glam Stops

Lewis Hamilton, not just burning rubber, but igniting the fashion scene with jaw-dropping jewelry moments. Check out the glitz!

Diamonds in the Fast Lane

Hamilton's bling game from shimmering brooches to chunky diamond chains is winning off the track!

Met Gala Drip, 2019

Lewis Hamilton rocks the red carpet, decked in diamonds and a Tommy Hilfiger suit embellished with two diamond Astra pins.

Parisian Panache

Lewis Hamilton slays at the Louis Vuitton show, turning heads with diamond chains, hoops, and a dazzling nose stud!

A Knight in Shining Gems!

At Windsor Castle, Hamilton's knighthood shine-up: no tie, just a bling brooch made of platinum, rubies, and diamonds. Regal flex!

Race to GemsNY!!

Dive into Hamilton's diamond vibes. Sparkle on and off the track with GemsNY – where style takes its victory lap!