Miley Cyrus Drops a Nostalgic New Single

The pop royalty, Miley Cyrus, is about to take us on an emotion-fueled adventure. Yeah, you guessed it—time to dive into the feels with her freshest creation: "Used to Be Young."

Behind the Lyrics

Miley let it slip on socials that the heart-stirring lines of “Used to Be Young” were penned almost 2 years ago. Who knew we'd be unearthing such musical treasures?

Unfinished Symphony

Just like life's quirky mosaic, "Used to Be Young" isn't done preparing yet. Miley set the stage, but this melody's still grabbing its crayons every single day…

Echoes of the Past, Promises of Tomorrow

Miley reveals, with each note, that she nods to her history, embraces her present self, and winks at the future—a reminder that life's our symphony, and we compose unique melodies.

The Heartfelt Video

Miley's dance with her mom, candidly captured by the camera in the song, sparks laughter and tears—an unfiltered glimpse of rare, precious emotions.

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