Morgan Wallen: Music & Fashion Stories

Humble Beginnings

Wallen showcased his singing skills to the world for the first time in “The Voice” season 6 in 2014 but had to back off after elimination in the playoffs.

Musical Breakthrough

Wallen’s debut EP “Stand Alone” was released in 2015 and the next year, his debut album “If I Know Me” came out, topping the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart.

And the Mastery Continues…

Wallen’s “Dangerous: The Double Album” came out in 2021 and topped the Billboard 200 for ten weeks and that’s phenomenal!!!

Unstoppable Beats

Wallens’s third album “One Thing at a Time” peaked the Billboard 200 chart for a total of 18 weeks. All the 36 tracks of the album made it into the Billboard Hot 100 as well.

Heart-throbbing Melodies

“Last Night”, “More Than My Hometown”, “Wasted on You”, “Chasin’ You”, “Up Down”, “7 Summers” and “Whiskey Glasses” are hard to resist listening to.

Tuning Both Sides

The 14 time Billboard Music Award recipient slays both in black-tie as well as cowboy-inspired wardrobe.

Sassy & Swanky

Wallen keeps it minimalistic yet fantastic with his layered gold chains and lockets.

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