Peridot: The Awe-Inspiring August Birthstone

Learn about peridot, the modern August birthstone that has something more than meets the eye

A Unique Gemstone…

Peridot as August birthstone is one of the only gems that are found in molten rock of Earth’s upper mantle, and not in the crust

Eye-Catching Color of Peridot

The olive-green color and excellent saturation of this August birthstone make it a cut above the rest

A Variety Of The Mineral Olivine

Peridot gets its vibrant color from the presence of the element iron in trace proportions

One Of The Oldest Gemstones

The August birthstone is known as the oldest gemstone, believed to have been mined in 1500 BC

Minded Around The World

Peridot is mined in Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Burma, Mexico, Egypt and Kenya

Admired By Famous Personalities…

Peridot finds its share of lovers in big movie stars and royalty

…But Lacks Your Company

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