8 Most Famous Sapphires and Their Histories

Prepare to be blown away

Rockefeller Sapphire

A direct purchase of American financier John D. Rockefeller Jr. from Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad

Stuart Sapphire

Some say it was smuggled by James II when he fled England in 1688

The Blue Belle of Asia

A coronation gift to Queen Elizabeth II which was later auctioned for $17 million at Christie’s in 2004

Blue Giant of the Orient

Went out of the public eye for nearly a hundred years after it was bought by an American collector

The George VI Sapphires

A gift she received from her father George VI on her wedding

The Star of India

This spectacular gem was stolen in 1964 and was located months later in Miami

Queen of Asia

Discovered in Sri Lanka’s gem city, Ratnapura, by some men who were trying to dig a well

Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

Spencer picked it herself from a selection of twelve rings

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