September Birthstone Special: White Sapphire

Attention September-born fellas!!! Say cheers to the white-colored variety of September Birthstone and stay connected to know more…

History of White Sapphires

The first account of the discovery of white sapphires comes from the island of Naxos in ancient Greece. The stones were believed to be closely connected to Apollo, the Greek God of the Sun and Light.

White Sapphires: Chemical Composition

White Sapphires are members of the corundum mineral family but without the presence of any trace elements.

White Sapphires: Physical Properties

Unlike other members of the corundum family, white sapphires are colorless or white-colored. Most white sapphire crystals have a cloudy appearance and contain inclusions.

White Sapphires: Affordable Alternative to Diamonds

Eye-clean white sapphires are curated as the centerstone of engagement earrings as an affordable alternative to exceptionally priced diamonds.

Colorless Diamonds Vs. White Sapphires

Diamonds are more brilliant and display more scintillation & dispersion than any white sapphire stone. Also, diamonds rate the highest on a 10-point Mohs Hardness scale against sapphires that score 9.

Lab-Created White Sapphires

Artificially grown white sapphires share similar physical composition and optical properties with their natural counterparts, hence are real even if not natural.

Beware of Treated White Sapphires

While heat treatments are acceptable for all sapphire varieties, white sapphires might be coated for enhancing their white color which might get removed due to wear & tear or during stone repair.

Natural White Sapphire Mining Locations

Ceylon white sapphires from Sri Lanka are famous, apart from reserves in Madagascar, Thailand, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, and Tanzania where white sapphires are mined.

Astrological Significance of White Sapphires

Wearing a white sapphire may grant the wearer clarity of mind and high intuition to take mindful decisions apart from bestowing power, wisdom, good health, and purity of heart.

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