Tanzanite vs Sapphire: Which One Will Win?

Let’s differentiate between the two gems based on a few parameters!


Sapphires outdo tanzanites here because they come in every color except red, whereas tanzanites only occur in blue tones


Because tanzanites are mostly eye-clean, they surpass sapphires in terms of inclusions


Sapphire outclasses tanzanite in terms of hardness because a sapphire scores 9 on the Mohs hardness scale against 7 of a tanzanite


Due to the pronounced pleochroism in both the gems, it’s a tie in respect of this parameter


Because tanzanite occurs only in one place on earth, Tanzania, sapphire’s rarity doesn’t stand a chance against that of tanzanite’s


Despite the exceptional rarity of tanzanite, it sells for much less than sapphire


While sapphires keep enjoying widespread availability in the primary market, tanzanite might go extinct as per a local Tanzanian geologist!


Sapphires might have won the battle commercially, but it seems like it’s tanzanites that have stolen your heart because of their scarcity

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