The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blue Sapphire

Know the Source of Origin

Blue Sapphires can be found in various locations around the world. However, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar are known to be some of the best sapphire mine sources.

Know the 4 Cs

Gemstones are graded on the basis of the 4 Cs — Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat weight. Let’s learn a little bit about them!


It is common for sapphires to include inclusions. A sapphire stone without any noticeable inclusions is what you wish to find.


A sapphire's cut determines how much it shines. Oval, cushion, and round are some of the popular cuts.


The hue, saturation, and tone are 3 factors that help determine the color of a sapphire. Velvety blue to violet-blue colored sapphires are highly sought-after!


It is the unit of measurement used to weigh gemstones. The ideal weight for blue sapphires is between 4 and 5 carats.

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