Token of Love For “Miss To Mrs.”

Some crazy ideas on how to make a “Miss” feel special on being a “Mrs.”

Customized “Mrs.” Jewelry

Metal jewelry with a stylish “Mrs.” carved out of it will make the new bride the center of attraction wherever she goes, be it a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring, or a pendant

A Customized Handbag or Clutch Purse

If you are her best mate, you would probably know what she stuffs her bag with. Give her a bunch of “her handbag essentials” in a personalized “Mrs.” bag with her new last name

Tailor-Made Embellished Denim Jacket

You can get her customized denim jacket with her name printed or embroidered on the cloth, prefixed with a “Mrs.”

Booking Special Seat For The “Mrs.”

You can gift her favorite spot in her house, something that she can claim exclusively as her own right from her wedding day

Honeymoon Ready With Bridal Bathroom Robe

She will definitely wear it on her honeymoon once she is out of the pool with her hubby to flaunt her new relationship, but only if you mark it with “Mrs.” and her last name

A Memorial for “Miss” To “Mrs” Journey

If you are her bestie or her sibling then what could be better than collecting her best “Miss” moments and compiling them into a photo album with a pinch of her “Mrs.” life

A Customized Jewelry from GemsNY

If you know what jewelry design will suit her the best or what is her birthstone, get her customized jewelry made out of it from the wide range of gemstone collections at GemsNY

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