Tyla: South African Songwriter and Singer

Get ready to groove with Tyla – a musical queen taking the world by storm! Let's roll!

Rising Star

Born Tyla Laura Seethal, this fiery songstress burst into the limelight with her smash hit single “Water.”

Making Waves

In 2023, Tyla skyrocketed to international fame with “Water.” She clinched her first GRAMMY Award for Best African Music Performance. Shine on, queen!

The TYLA Experience

Tyla’s debut album, aptly titled TYLA, is here to blow your mind. With tracks like “Safer,” “No. 1” featuring Tems, and “Breathe Me,” she's serving up pure musical magic.

Dance Floor Delight

Tyla's mix of Amapiano, R&B, and pop is a dance floor game-changer. Let's vibe and lose ourselves in the rhythm!

Let the Bling Play On

Find your sparkle at GemsNY. Every piece whispers tales as captivating as Tyla's melodies. Let's shine together!